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I consider myself to be a collaborative story teller.  I mostly limit myself to instrumental music to convey emotions and moods which reflect my chosen concept.

Each album has its story to tell, starting with my debut work "Sharks And Butterflies".
This album explores lying, cheating and living with the choices we make.

My second album "Ghosts" followed closely behind.  I am intrigued with the human psyche and the way that we perceive ourselves and how we imagine others might see us from the outside.

Transhumanism began as a personal project with ideas being quite sporadic, but which eventually coincided with my work on the feature film "Symbiotic".  This movie revolves around the lives of people in the not-too-distant future who not only have to deal with the dramas in their human relationships, but also the impact of Artificial Intelligence upon their work and personal lives.  Transhumanism mirrors the movie and features lyrics written by A.I. as well as a very human poem written from the perspective of A.I.

My most recent work (2021), "The Night Moving Company", wonders about peoples need to escape from their daily lives.  Night Moving Companies are real companies which exist in Japan and help people to disappear completely so they can begin a new life without fear of being found.

I make all the videos myself as well as writing and producing the music.  But, I do love to collaborate and am happy to take on new projects and meet & work with new people in both audio and visual entertainment.

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